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Kickstarter. Scalecolor Artist



SCALE75 is expanding its well-known range of acrylic paints for models and miniatures, presenting a new format and formulation.

We have decided to expand our range with a different concept of novel creamy acrylic paints specially designed for modelers, artists, and fans of the world of miniature games.

The range has 48 new colors, creamy in consistency and packaged in conventional metal tubes, ideal for preserving paints of this kind.

Our SCALECOLOR ARTIST paints are defined by the highest quality, creaminess, and consistency of our fine pigments..

The definitive range of paints, designed by and for modeling artists!

10 reasons why you need SCALECOLOR ARTIST paints on your workbench:

1. FORMULATION. Our paints have been developed and tested by chemists and artists who specialize in manufacturing acrylic paint for miniatures and scale models. The resulting patented formula is backed by the experience gained by SCALE75 when developing its other paint ranges, so successful among modelers, painters of miniatures, and artists of all kinds.

2. VERSATILITY. Thanks to our patented formulation, these paints are ideal for all forms of art, e.g., painting figures and miniatures of all kinds (resin, metal, plastic), plastic or resin scale models, paper, canvas, metal, cloth, etc. There is no field, model, or theme where these paints cannot be used.

3. TEXTURE. The extra-fine pigments used yield a new, creamy texture and higher consistency, making the paint easy to apply in a smoother, more controlled manner. With no excess water, frames are a thing of the past, because, so fine and compact, the pigment does not disaggregate.

4. VIBRANCY. We have achieved a maximum color intensity that stands out over all other colors when dry on the surface. With this in mind, our paints have high levels of pigments, resulting in more vibrant colors.

5. OPACITY. The opacity of our paints has been optimally formulated for maximum coverage with a minimum of brushstrokes. But spectacular transparencies can also be achieved by mixing with thinner.

6. FINISH. Despite being matte, the end result is not muted, but rather color intensity is raised to a peak. The higher pigment coalescence and creamy texture even let you create reliefs and splashes of color in certain areas. These paints are highly fade resistant and leave a flexible, permanent, durable finish.

7. APPLICATION. You can use these paints any way you want! They are apt for working with all types of brushes, airbrushes, spatulas ... even with your hands! The method you use will depend only on the final results you are after.

8. RANGE. The collection will consist of just 48 colors. No more, no less. It is designed to cover the full color range used by modelers, miniature painters, and artists generally.

9. MIXING. These new paints can be combined and blended with any of the acrylic paints in all our ranges (Scalecolor, Fantasy & Games and Warfront) and the vast majority of other paints on the market. We have also increased the drying time for easier transitions and color blending.

10. PRESENTATION. Sold in individual 20-ml tubes in 6-color themed sets or in a deluxe box containing the entire range. Choose the format best suited to your pocket or your style of working.

This project was started on KS to finance the production of our new range of paints. The hardest part is already done, now we need your help to manufacture, package, and start distributing.

For this, we will offer all our backers, besides being the first to enjoy the paints, some special launch prices and formats only available on KS. Also, as the campaign unfolds, you will be able to obtain more than one gift or extra bonuses.

Our campaign has made sure not to forget retail modeling and art stores, where you will surely be going later on to replenish your paints or even to learn and get advice. For them, we also have some special pledges so that they can offer these products to you later and get a good introductory price for launching our new paints in their businesses. 



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