"Located somewhere in the thick of the Amazon rainforest, the lost kingdom of Paititi is the last oasis where the last South American tribes survived. A golden city surrounded by rainforest marks the entrance between our world and THEIR.

Myth tells that the Incas believed they were the descendants of a valiant hero named Inkari, who emerged from the waters of the Titicaca lake, founded Cuzco, and retired to Paititi, a city in the heart of the forest. This legend has fascinated adventurers and treasure seekers for centuries.  

In Paititi, not only have the last South American tribes survived, but also ancient reptilian ancestors of superhuman intelligence and strength, who became the gods of these peoples..."

Many 75mm scale miniatures (and some giant creatures!) for collectors, painters and gamers. The miniatures come unpainted and unassembled.

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