"Teutoburg, 9 A.D.

The forest was stained with the blood of the legionaries, as never happened before: the Roman army had just suffered one of the greatest defeats in its history.

The XIX legio, the only survivors of the carnage, fled and got lost beyond the Rhine.

What had been a glorious part of the greatest army in the world had become a tide of hopeless bodies wandering aimlessly, far from their homes.
The legends of those places tell us that it was then that Ahriman appeared, a man with dark powers, from a far away land in the south, the bearer of ancient secrets, who gathered the legion and took its control.

The Romans mixed their rites and customs with those of the local people and grew in number and strength. With the passing of the generations they lost the memory of their origins, turning them into myths.

One day Ahriman finally decided that his army was powerful enough to realize his plan.
At dawn on the last day before the winter solstice in 209 A.D., he appeared in front of his people and declared that they would set out on their most important mission; the reason for the second chance that he, their lord, had given them.

To conquer the lost City of Thule, capital of the kingdom of Hyperborea, in the Far North of the World.

And from there rebuild their new Rome."

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